25.05.2015 - by  Richard Ulph

I'm lucky enough to have a business where I can indulge my fetish for fonts and my passion for print. Since 2005 I've been running Com Bossa providing luxury wedding stationery to couples who are looking for a bespoke design or unique wedding stationery away from the world of ribbons and bows.

One of my particular passions is foil blocking, a traditional printing technique where a combination of pressure and heat are used to bond metallic foils to high quality cards.

– The detail you can achieve when foil blocking is astounding. It's beautiful to see the slight impression made in the card by the foiling block and see the foil play in the light.

Foiling techniques are by no means limited to the wedding stationery market. Many luxury brands use foiling in their packaging and literature. That said the costs are not prohibitive and when used correctly the cost of having foil stamped cards or brochures is well within the reach of small and new businesses.

Imagine your prospective client receiving your foil blocked card or literature and the impression that would make upon them. In many ways first impressions count and foil blocking makes a really strong one.

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