10.08.2015 - by Richard Ulph

I recently spent some time in France travelling around with my wife, my dog and my camera. One of my favourite things about having a dog is that no matter the weather and no matter where you are, you need to spend a few hours each day walking. My preference, and Sascha's, is to walk around in the countryside where she can run free and I can spend some time breathing the air and taking the odd snap. I was really chuffed to catch the shot above of a dragonfly having a rest and a bit of a sunbathe on a leaf.


– One thing I've noticed is how important good photography is to a website. You'll have noticed all the free web builders around using amazing images to sell themselves. The website templates never look quite as good with blurry phone snaps.

So aside from being a hobby of mine I'm a firm advocate of employing a professional photographer to create images for your business. Having great images  is essential for a good looking website and marketing material but is also crucial for successful social media activity.

So whether you are selling a service or a product make sure you have some good images to represent your business.

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