A few things I love…

  • Dogs, beer, coffee, cake, dancing, singing, playing drums, playing records, walking on beaches with my wife and my dogs, fonts, more fonts, my job, Henckels kitchen knives, holidays in France, meeting interesting folk – which is everyone if you take the time, going away in our caravan Bertha, good design, good speakers and good headphones… did I say dogs?

    If you like any of the above it’s a fair bet that we’ll get on. I really do love meeting people who are passionate about what they do and helping them to develop their business and realise that good branding isn’t only for big businesses.

What I can do for you

If you are launching a new business or you feel your image could do with an update I can help.

I believe that good branding is crucial to your success. I will take the time to get to know you and your business in order to understand how best to work with you to create branding and design you’ll love for years and years.

I don’t follow trends and believe good design will stand the test of time. I also know that very penny you spend in your business should yield results, that’s certainly how I look at my business.

I believe less is more

Here’s a mantra that I keep in my head when working…

A design is complete not when you can no longer add anything to it but when you can no longer take anything away.

I will work with you to create design that is simple, effective and impactful, design that will stand the test of time. In short I want you to look at your logo in 6 months or 6 years time and still nod your head and think ‘yes, that looks great’.

Some brands I’ve worked with

I have experience of working with multi national brands. I’ll bring this experience to any work I do for you.